What really are Fresh Straws?

Fresh straws are arguably the best alternatives to plastic straws. Our Straws are 100% eco- friendly, functionally, and completely biodegradable. Fresh straws are sourced from organic materials and are fully naturally processed to give users a fresh and overwhelming earthly feeling during sips.

What makes Fresh Straws different?

Apart from being a zero-waste alternative to current plastic counterpart, Fresh Straws are really customer-enticing but affordable compared to other options out there. They are relatively durable and certainly what all food distributors, bars and restaurants need to paint off a unique classic and retro experience in their market place.

How long can Fresh Straws be stored?

Fresh Straws are always provided in “FRESH” condition. However, like any natural biodegradable products, they must be stored properly. Our Fresh straws can be stored for up to two weeks in a refrigerator in airtight bags. Alternatively, you can freeze the straws in the freezer which can be stored up to 3 months.

What is the physical Specification of Fresh Straws?

Length: 5.5 in and 7.7 in

Size: diameter 4-6.5mm

Do Fresh Straws affect the flavor of the drink?

NO ! Fresh straws do interfere with the taste, flavor, and nutritional composition of consumables. Users may only perceive a slight sweetgrass scent as a reminder of its fresh feeling.

Are Fresh Straws treated with any chemicals, colorants, oils?

NO ! Fresh straws are 100% organic and guilt-free. From its harvesting to its finishing phase, we use ZERO chemicals, pesticides, or colorants. Once the grass grows naturally, the straws are also processed naturally with craft making it needless for any chemical concern.

Are Fresh Straws Safe to use?

YES ! just in case of any ingestion. They are 100% organic. It has been proven that chewing them after meals can help clean your teeth and gums.

Can I trash Fresh Straws in the Compost bin?

YES ! As a matter of fact, fresh straws decompose naturally.

Does Fresh Straws offer Return Policy?

YES ! All Defective Products are suitable for return.

Please contact us at contact@freshstraws.com

Can I order custom specifications?

YES ! Fresh Straws are customer centric so we are open to customer preferences and ready to listen to any idea so long it is possible.

Customers may customize the straws length between 5 to 9in for any custom order.

Feel free to send us an email at contact@freshstraws,com with your specifications.